discover how you can restore the flow of your body energy more quickly when you practise your yoga
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Restore faster the flow of your body energy, when you practice bikram yoga, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga or reiki. Increase and balance your energy. Relieve free energy. Improve your well-being.

When you practice bikram yoga, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, reiki or any other form of exercise you probably do it because you want to feel better. You are tring to get back the lost energy and vitality.

Sometime you may feel, that even with your exercises of bikram yoga, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga or reiki you still can't get back to the energy level you would like to. You can free energy, if you know how.

You may feel like a pail with a leak. No matter how hard you try, you still can't top up. One of the reasons can be that your energy is being wasted on fighting off the effects of electromagnetic waves.

You may feel like a pail with a leak. No matter how hard you try, you still can't top up. One of the reasons can be that your energy is being wasted on fighting off the effects of electromagnetic waves. Mobile phones, wireless phones, microwave ovens, monitors, photocopiers emit strongest electromagnetic waves radiation.

The big companies pretend there is no such thing as harmful emissions of electromagnetic waves from mobiles and other gadgets. With good reason. They are making a lot of money from their sales. Brain surgeons and other Specialists have different view. (See the main page)

Did you know that ElectroMagnetic Radiation distorts natural frequency patterns?

Your body tries to fight these effects. You may feel irritable. You may be lacking in energy and vitality. Your cluster headaches can be secondary symptoms of the effect that your environment is having on your body.

You can gain the extra energy that your body needs. You can maximize the effects of your exercises. Your exercise of reiki, bircam yoga, hatha yoga, parna yoga or any other yoga become more effective. The next practice yoga can be an incredibly rewarding not only for yoga students, but for yoga teachers as well.

There is in existence a little Joint Line®™ System disk, which uses the principles of the Law of Bio-resonance, and blocks electromagnetic waves, improving the flow and balance of your body's energy.

Many People and Authorities Are Talking about the Danger of EMF Radiation, but Nobody is Talking about How to Protect Ourselves
From this
EMF Radiation Danger.

Did you know,
You can block this dangerous
EMF Radiation to your body very easily and
quickly by applying the Joint Line System?

Yes, You Can Very Easily block EMF Radiation
To Your Body. It's a Quick and Simple Procedure
a partial list of the benefits
Blocks the EMF Radiation to Human Body
Changes the polarity of ions from positive to negative
Creates a protective aura around you 1.5 Metre Dia
Helps to Improve your organs functions
Increases your metabolic efficiency
Accelerates your blood circulation
Stimulates your body’s own healing process
Helps to Relieve Stress and Headaches
Improves your well-being
Helps to Balance Your Energy to Optimum
Helps to Reduce a Possibiliy of a Brain Tumour
Helps to Concentrate More

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"Before I had Joint Line attached to my cell phone, I would sometimes feel weak or ill after being on the phone for a long time. Hence, I'd always try to cut my cell phone calls short. But, after applying Joint Line to my cell phone, I don't get that enervated ill feeling anymore. There's definitely a difference with Joint Line!"
Mike Jezek
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