THE World Management Update 1996/97

Application of Joint Line Technology System
in interpersonal relationships and marketing

Robert Troska
Deputy Chairman. The Czech Committee for Scientific Management


The Czech Committee for Scientific Management is involved in a number of activities, one of which is testing the application of the innovative Joint Line Technology. It's basic aim is to enhance people's well being in a specific way described below.

Joint Line (JL) technology was developed approximately five years ago and since that time it has been used with remarkable success in the fields of industry commerce and services. The system of JL technology cannot he described exactly on the basis of the known laws of nature, but its function can be observed and evaluated with the help of modern experimental research. From our point of view it is a black box with well known deterministic inputs and evaluated - it can be said by scholastic output. The right of the black box to exist resulted from theoretical conclusions reached by some of the world's leading scientists doing experimental research in the fields of quantum physics, biology, neurology and psychiatry (Karl Pribram Stanislav Grof, Rupert Shaldrake, to name but a few).

JL technology is based on the transmission of an activated picture or an object and it works in the following way: a hologram of a picture or an object is transmitted through a primary resonator by means of ultra microwaves and other physical means. On the receiver's part a proportional picture or object (i.e. the secondary resonator) is activated. This phenomenon is based on the physical law of resonance.

The secondary resonator then transmits an agent, which induce: in the human body its own bioenergy. In this way the charge of the individual organs in the body is modified to reach the optimum metabolism of all cells, which ultimately leads to the sense of well being on the part of receivers.

For one year (1994/95) a group of 25 Czech experts performed experiments with resonators transmitting selected information to interested receivers in their homes and working place. The influence of JL technology has been confirmed by means of three independent methods. The effects of the activity of the resonators have been manifested in hundreds of cases in industry, commerce and services.

Ways of applying JL technology
There have been dozens of examples of JL technology application in the past, five years. And although some of them may sound like a science fiction screen script, there is substantial evidence that this phenomenon is real and functions in many fields of human activities. JL technology is useful either in interpersonal relationship, for individual person, groups, entire companies (institutions), or in marketing.

From the management point of view the influence of JL technology is very interesting in interpersonal relationships. Of special interest is the socio and psychological impact on individual groups of employees and on institutions. If every employee is “tuned up”, i.e. if his cells start oscillating at the frequency of natural metabolism a chain reaction starts in the institution or enterprise. If a group of employees whether in a department or in a whole institution (enterprise) is tuned up stress disappears, the employees feel better have more ideas and everything moves faster. Specific results testify to a decreasing number of illnesses (by about 30 per cent) and performance (productivity of labour) increases.

In marketing JL technology works in the following way.
If any product is activated as a secondary resonator, it then influences in a positive way all people gathered (present) for instance in a room, shop, etc. If a potential customer then watches an activated product, from a certain distance, this product influences the pattern of energy levels in his body and at the same time an emotional effect is evoked. This effect was proved statistically with the help of EAV system called Biocom.

If a human (animal) organism comes in contact with JL technology, the energy charge in individual acupuncture paths increases by 20 to 30 grades of Voll's scale towards the optimum level. The potential customer is only aware of the fact that the product is likeable and in a way different from other (non activated) goods.

Ways of applying JL technology in marketing
A Czech enterprise producing wooden bungalows a urn serve as a typical example. One type of bungalow was selected and its ground plan was broadcast as a hologram with the help of JL technology in 1992.

The producer took part with this bungalow in the world exhibition of weekend houses in Paris the same year. He won the first prize in keen competition and since that time he has been exporting this type of bungalow to France Italy and Germany.

Some banking houses have been using JL technology on their premise, where interiors are activated. Both the employees and clients feel comfortable and content. Something similar happened in some department stores since the JL technology has been used. The owner confirmed increasing turnover and increasing interest of customers.

JL technology is carried out by technical mean. The hologram of a picture or object (i.e., the primary resonator is broadcast by means of ultra microwaves and other physical means. At the receiver's side a proportional picture or object (i.e. the secondary resonator) is activated. This phenomenon is based on the physical law of resonance. JL technology is harmless.

The effect, of JL technology on the human body has been confirmed in hundreds of tested experiments. It accelerates the metabolism of cells (optimum frequency).

Nowadays JL technology is applicable both in interpersonal relationships and in marketing. The future of JL technology is in the sphere of production, where we have already recorded unanticipated results in fermentation chemistry and polymers.
JL Technology
is one aspect in which the Czech Committee for Scientific Research is currently involved.
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