How to Protect your pets from Electromagnetic Radiation

Protect your pet from radiation

Cat and Dog need EMF Radiation Protection

How Much Do You Love Your Pet?
Your pet is sensitive to his physical and emotional environment. He may suffer stress for a number of reasons:

• radiation from your mobile and electronic gadgets
• long absences
• lack of sufficient affection
• unhealthy food
• an insufficient amount of exercise - sensitivity to your own emotions

This may lead to health problems such as fatigue, excessive itching or shedding, panting and even aggression. Stress can also be triggered by events, such as thunderstorms or a trip to the veterinarian.

Do you want to make the life of your pet less strenuous?
Do you want to want to prolong the life of your pet?
Do you want your pet to be more healthy and enjoy its company for longer?
Do you want to save money for expensive medical vet bills?
Do you want your pet to have stronger immune system?

If the answer to any of these questions is "YES", then think again. One little tag (with its own program especially designed for dogs, cats and small animals) on your pet's collar can help you. This is a scientifically proven method which is guaranteed to drastically reduce the radiation from Electromagnetic Fields entering your pet’s body and increase quality of your pet's life:

Some of The Benefits:
• Blocks the EMF Radiation to Pet's Body
• Helps to Balance Your Pet's Energy to Optimum
• Helps to Increase Metabolic Efficiency
• Helps to Stimulate Your Pet's Body Own Healing Process
• Helps to Strengthen the Immune System
• Accelerates Blood Circulation
• NO chemicals
• Environmentally friendly
• Is totally harmless and on its own passive
• Helps Reduce Joints Pain
• Improves Your Pet’s Quality of Life

The Crimes We Commit Against Our Pets

Do you use mobile phones, cellular phones, monitors, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, computer games, X-Box, Playstation, computers, laptops, tablets, microwave ovens, TV sets, hairdryers, electrical blankets, electrical clocks or any other electrical appliances at home, to name a few?

If you do, you and your pet are being exposed to Radiation from Electromagnetic Fields from any of these appliences. Your pet can't tell you of any stress, headaches, or any other pain.

EMF Radiation Increased In Past 10 Years
3000 times

So Your Lovely Cute Cat or Dog may Suffer From

Stress and Tension
Lack of Energy
Increased Fatigue
Immune System Disorders
Brain Tumours
Heart Disease

Studies show that more than half of these symptoms and diseases can be caused by negative environmental influences.

These negative influences cause molecular changes in the tissues of living organisms.

Aggressive free radicals are generated in the body because of external sources like air pollution, radiation and ultraviolet light. These external sources help tip the balance in the wrong direction. Free radicals in your pet's body can attack and damage cells.

We love our pets and try to look after them. We give them medicines, medications and take them to the Vet because we care about them. Pet medications, like the most other medicines, contain chemicals and usually have some side-effects.

We don't realize that our pets are getting exposed to the radiation from electromagnetic fields. This radiation from computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances has increased 3000 times in last 10 years.

This silent enemy and killer has negative effects on every living organism. It creates changes in the surface of cells, temperature, it even damages DNA. It also helps to create free radicals. Your pets are affected by this "modern sickness". They can't tell you that they have a headache or are under stress or in pain.

The Joint Line System is Based on the law ot Bio Resonance and very simple to use

The tag is simply attached it to your pet’s collar. That’s it! The tag will now:

  • block the Radiation from Electromagnetic fields

  • change the polarity of ions from positive to negative

  • create a protective aura around your pet

  • improve the organ function of your pet

  • totally harmless

  • environmentally friendly

  • NO chemicals

  • This Joint Line®™ SYSTEM really is a "WOW" product. The best part of it is that you don't need to service or operate this program.

    You can get the technical data and an explanation of how the Joint Line®™ SYSTEM works. But you don't buy a car in order to service it. You buy a car to drive it and for how it makes you feel when you are driving. The important thing about Joint Line®™ SYSTEM is what it does for your pet. It makes him feel good and increases his well-being.
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