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Headache, Migraine - recurrent headache disorder is one of the most common complaints today
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Understanding the Headaches
There are two main types of headache:
primary headache
and secondary headache.

Primary headaches include tension-type, migraine, and cluster headaches and are not caused by other underlying medical conditions. More than 90% of headaches are primary.

Secondary headaches result from other medical conditions, such as infection or increased pressure in the skull due to a tumor. These account for fewer than 10% of all headaches.

There are many types of headaches. Just to name a few:
Prolonged daily headaches
Analgesic rebound headache
Chronic tension-type headache
Chronic post-traumatic headache

People develop constant headaches of varying intensity, often with features of both migraine and tension-type headache. The medication taken for today's headache actually brings on tomorrow's headache. Any attempt to cut back on the medication will usually result in a more severe rebounding headache.

Many physicians are not aware of the analgesic rebound phenomenon and may prescribe additional headache medications that can only perpetuate the problem.

Stress, Mood and Headaches

Identifying the Most Common Stresses:
Multiple-Role Stress:
Women are likely to have "multiple-role" which is stress due to managing many different roles and responsibilities.

Workplace Stress:
The majority of people today work outside the home. Many have jobs with high demands and low control. Helplessness worsens the physical and emotional effects of stress, and also prevents individuals from even trying to improve their situation.

Financial Stress

People often feel pressures from inadequate housing, poor access to healthcare, and fear of unexpected expenses. In such cases, people also have fewer opportunities for recreation and escape from day-to-day stress.

Most people with headache use nonprescription pain relievers to treat their symptoms. In light of the growing trend towards self-care, you have more responsibility than ever in safeguarding your and your family's health and well-being.

Mobile Phone Radiation The fundamental effect lies in the biodynamic and homeopathic impact on accelerated regeneration and healing of human tissues.

Accelerator Healing Patches are very easy to use. The patch is elastic and can be applied to any part of the body.

Releases spasms, accelerates natural healing, blood circulation and metabolism. The time of healing is reduced to one half of normal regeneration. The patches can be applied to dressings, bandages or underwear and do not need to be in direct contact with the skin. Testimonials.

Did you know that ElectroMagnetic Radiation distorts natural frequency patterns?

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The Effects of the
"Joint Line®™"
Accelerator Healing Patch

Headache, Migraine - application on top of spine, temple or forehead (relaxes painful spasm of brain blood vessels).
Helps to stop smoking - application on bottom part of left shoulder under collar bone, where the acupuncture points effecting the lungs are.
Helps to stop colds - apply to forehead, under collar bone. Cleans lungs and releases cold.
Reduces pain of spine and joints - apply to affected areas.
Accidents - accelerates healing
Eases rheumatic pains
Speeds up healing of burns
Reduces menstrual pains - reduces tension and spasm
Reduces shock and stress - increases blood circulation, changes electrical polarity effected by emission of norandrenaline
Cosmetics - Smoothes the skin, accelerates regeneration of skin cells.

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