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To Whom It May Concern
To state, that I Alex Osipovich had Joint Line Point system installed in my cordless phone and I found it very good, because I stopped getting headaches from using the phone from 8.00am to 6.00pm. I would highly recommend it to any phone users.


Justification of using Joint Line Technology Programs.

I am using Joint Line Technology since 1991. in my private life as stimulators for myself as well as for my family and friends. Mostly for blocking radiation from mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens and other harmful sources.

At work I am using Joint Line Technology for the positive influence during my business meetings as well as increasing of the effectiveness of the business (reducing sick days of workers, increasing work productivity, reducing car accidents and so on).

With regards

Ing. Dagmar Zemanova
Prague 21. January 2001

Mobile Phone RadiationI have a dog Nelson. Nelson is a very big dog - German shepherd cross Doberman, with good nature and very happy with small children. About in June last year he started to limp on his right back leg. I originally thought, that he may have some thorn or that he stepped on something. None of this was true. We have tried everything we could think of, but nothing helped. The things started to get worse. Now he was walking only on 3 legs. So, I took Nelson to the vet. The vet thoroughly examined Nelson and his leg. I saw, that Nelson was in pain during examination. The vet said that Nelson most probably has a problem with the ligament. That he needs an operation, which will cost about $1400- $1500. I was in shock. So, I thanked to vet and took Nelson home. Than I thought of JLP disk. By attaching it to Nelson collar, I can't make any damage and if it works, it is much cheaper the operation. IT WORKED!!!

Within two days Nelson was running again and didn't have a problem since. He didn't need an operation either. I am so happy, that I came across this JLP Disk. Nelson still wears it.

Waverley, NSW
January 05

Information about Joint Line Technology application

We have been using the Technology of Joint Line System in our Company for the last 7 years. Because we are the manufacturers as well as the suppliers of our products, we have had our production area treated by Joint Line Systems.

As a result of the Joint Line System, treatment of our production materials, strength and elasticity has increased by 17% -18%. This has been tested by the VST Laboratory in Liberec and the results have been certified.

Our Company Image continues to thrive in spite of strong competition. This has been demonstrated by customers who have transferred their custom from foreign suppliers to us, and this has happened comparatively quickly

After our cooperation with Joint Line Technology our turnover in absolute values increased.
(1995 - 100%, 1996 - index 1, 8, 1997 - index 2, 1, 1998 - index 3, 8, 1999 - index 4, 0, 2000 - index 4, 1)

Ing. Pavel Gabriel
GAPA v.o.s.

Reference regarding the Joint Line System

During October - November 1998 I decided to try Joint Line System. Through Mutual Agreement, I bought the Joint Line Stimulator for my business car and let stimulate Logo of My Company. Then I more less forgot about it. The reason was simple. Information about Joint Line System was hard to believe .

In 1998 -1999 the Turnover of my company increased by more than 60%. Before the end of 1999 I decided to continue cooperation with Joint Line, but I made a vital mistake. I changed the design of the Company's Logo as well as the Telephone number (and did not inform Joint Line about these changes). The start of 2000 wasn't very profitable, which I thought was an influence of that period of the year. After further consultation with the Joint Line, I realised my mistake in making those changes with notifying Joint Line, signed a further agreement with Joint Line and started to make profit again.


Karel Paur


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