Testing by Bicom 2000 - How does it work?
Bicom Testing
What is Bio-resonance?
An example: If you hit a tuning-fork in a room where there is a piano, the corresponding string in this piano begins to resonate too. A further extraordinary discovery is the fact that cells communicate with each other by means of certain wavelengths (frequencies).

Where this form of communication between cells remains unimpaired by disturbance frequencies, the person in question is considered to be healthy.

Electromagnetic waves have the same effect as a toxin entering the body. They have disturbed frequency patterns which interfere with the body's own regulatory powers and in turn impair the body's functions.

Joint Line®™ System Programs prevent electromagnetic waves from entering your body and help restore the body's functions. These effects can be easily tested by "BICOM". Details here or Graphic Representation

When you use Joint Line®™ with your mobile, your monitor or microwave oven, you don't feel the effect of your body being shielded from electromagnetic waves.

You may find that you don't get sick so often, because your immune system is stronger. See testimonials

Because you feel better and less irritable, you start to be subconsciously nicer to the people around you. In turn, people will start to be more pleasant towards you. All of a sudden, you realize that the place where you work is a really nice place, after all. This Joint Line®™ program really is a "WOW" product. It helps you in its subtle way to do and have all these things. The best part of it is that you don't need to service or operate this program. It makes you feel good and increases your well-being.

The technology in Joint Line products is unique.

Block EMF from your body and live longer
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