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What is Bio-Resonance?
In quantum physics it is established that light and sound have both wave and material components; biological systems also have these dual characteristics. Modern biophysics has shown that intracellular D.N.A. resonates with coherent vibrations and emits photons. The intracellular D.N.A. has radio like transmitting/receiving properties by which means cells intercommunicate and biological systems are controlled.

The correct wavelength balance stimulates normal health function (Homoeostasis) and it is noted by bio-physicists that biological systems resonate coherently at wavelengths in the range of 10 Hz -150 kHz. These wavelengths can be obstructed by resonance of similar wavelengths produced by poisons, toxins, viruses, bacteria, electro-magnetic pollution and of course, allergens.

Acupuncture operates on the passage of electro-magnetic energy through the body, specifically 'photons', light energy.  

Homoeopathy matches the patterns of its remedies to the same energy base; acupuncture treats the energy from outside to inside, homoeopathy from inside to outside which is why they make such good 'twins' in medical practice.


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