Bio-resonance - the correct wavelength balance stimulates normal health function. These wavelengths can be obstructed by resonance of similar wavelengths produced by poisons, toxins, viruses, bacteria, electro-magnetic pollution and of course, allergens.

Collective knowledge
- the information field which influences the form and behavior of the organism. The bigger the field of influence, the higher number of organisms adopting the information. The organism is then in resonance with the information field.

Composition - set of all pieces of information on the object properties inserted into the transmitter with the information about its shape. Each bit of this information is possible to be increased or decreased, turned on or off, independent of the others.

CRP(Critical Rotation Point) - the critical rotation point in the radionic systems. That is the angle of the transmitter turning towards the object, at which the best quality of the resonance information transfer, through the natural physical field of the Earth, is effected. The object is to the west of the transmitter.

Form of organism - plant or animal species

JLTechnology - the practical applications of the JL system.

Morphic (information) field - the field containing the information about the final shape of the form of living organism.

Morphogenesis - theory of the genesis of natural forms.

Primary resonator - the information about the shape of the object that we want to activate, inserted into the transmitter.

Principle of proportional agreement - the resonance of two proportionally concordant objects in the morphic field - shape resonance.

Radionics - originally a diagnostic method, it was later used for treatment at a distance by technical means. The name was derived from the discoverer's conviction that the transmission is realized by means of radio-waves.

Resonance Systems - the current name for radionics systems. The transmission of the information is realized by principles of morphic resonance.

Resonance System Joint Line®™ - the original system. The independence on CRP is effected by the inner configuration of the transmitter. It provides special transmission, which is available anywhere on Earth. In this way, the variability of functions and the wide scale of possibilities of usage in many branches of human activities are given.

Secondary resonator - the activated object in resonance with the transmitted information.

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