Why buy JOINT LINE®™?
JOINT LINE®™ is the only product currently available that provides complete protection from Electromagnetic Radiation. It has been scientifically tested and increases your well-being.

Why there are two variations of JOINT LINE®™?
JOINT LINE®™ comes in two modifications:
1) small for cellular phones and PDAs – small enough to fit inside your mobile phone. Just insert and forget it. You are protected and there are no parts to service.
2) The second modification about 30mm diameter is used for larger products like monitors, microwave ovens, photocopiers, faxes etc. With JOINT LINE®™ Products, you will not only be protected from every form of electromagnetic radiation. Your body function and energy will actually get better.

What is the difference between JOINT LINE®™ and shielding devices?
JOINT LINE®™ is an electromagnetic "stabilizer". It does not shield the radiation coming from the electrical device as some products do. It prevents the radiation entering your body and increases balance as well as energy in your body. The stabilizing effect of JOINT LINE®™ increases your well-being. The special bioresonator produced byJOINT LINE®™ technologies is effective at regulating the cell's membrane tension to an optimum level.

What makes JOINT LINE®™ different from other products?
JOINT LINE®™ is a multipurpose Electromagnetic Radiation protector. The Smaller Version has been designed exclusively for mobile phones. Use the Larger Version of JOINT LINE®™ on your computer, microwave oven, motor car, appliances, tools, office equipment, or just wear it in your pocket. JOINT LINE®™ increases the immune system and your overall well-being. These benefits alone make having a JOINT LINE®™ disc worthwhile.

Will JOINT LINE®™ protect me from power lines and cellular towers?
JOINT LINE®™ will protect you from all forms of Electromagnetic Radiation. To protect and stabilize your body from power lines or cellular towers, carry one JOINT LINE®™ on your body. Alternatively have each family member wear a hanging JOINT LINE®™ 24 hours a day. Wear it, or place it under your pillow when sleeping.

Do I need a JOINT LINE®™ on my cordless phone?
Most homes have cordless phones and many use 900MHz phones. These phones are high in Electromagnetic Radiation, particularly 900MHz. For general protection for you and your family, we suggest placing a JOINT LINE®™ inside your cordless phone.

Do I need a JOINT LINE®™ on my microwave oven?
For general protection for you and your family, we suggest placing a larger version of JOINT LINE®™ on your microwave. A microwave oven radiates out to almost 6 feet, even with the door closed!

What do you mean by JOINT LINE®™ increasing the immune system?
The human body is an amazing instrument, every seven years each cell in the body regenerates. Give the body the opportunity and it will heal itself. The JOINT LINE®™ has wonderful properties, the electromagnetic radiation protection is just one of them.Science has proven that the JOINT LINE®™ increases the immune system. With this extra resource, the body has time to heal a multitude of our self-inflicted health problems. There are many JOINT LINE®™ users that can testify to this.

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