Can I sleep with the JOINT LINE®™?
When your body has adjusted to the JOINT LINE®™ energy (which varies from person to person, but will not take longer than 1 week) sleeping with the JOINT LINE®™ is absolutely necessary. Many homes are high in EMR, and this is not due specifically to stray currents. Just having electricity around you is dangerous. You need to be protected when you sleep. Besides, you will probably sleep better with the JOINT LINE®™.

What will I feel when I first come into contact with JOINT LINE®™?
We are all different and some of us are more affected by electromagnetic radiation than others. When you first come into contact with the JOINT LINE®™, your body will begin to adjust. If you are badly affected by EMR, there will be a sudden change in your body. Should you feel a little "high", it is just sudden extra energy. Most people are comfortable at the outset. Some people may not feel anything at first, but after carrying JOINT LINE®™ on your body for a few weeks, you will never again go without one. This is the power of JOINT LINE®™!

Can I place a JOINT LINE®™ on my animals or pets?

Animals are more vulnerable than we are when it comes to negative energy. You may have a pet or animal that is stressed and no regular treatment has worked. Simply place a JOINT LINE®™ on your pet / animal and you will notice an amazing change. JOINT LINE®™ is ideal for highly stressed animals such as horses and cows. If your pet is not well and you have tried every remedy, the chances are that electromagnetic radiation is the problem!

I have a pacemaker. Will the JOINT LINE®™ interfere with it?
Not at all! JOINT LINE®™ only works in a positive manner. In fact, your energy will increase.

Can I bathe or swim with the JOINT LINE®™?
Submerging in water has no negative effects on JOINT LINE®™ function. The lamination is there to protect the JOINT LINE®™. You shouldn't mistreat the JOINT LINE®™. We do suggest that you do not bend the JOINT LINE®™.

What is the lifespan of a JOINT LINE®™ disc?

The JOINT LINE®™ is guaranteed to retain its activation for at least 2 years. However, if you don't mistreat JOINT LINE®™, its activation will last much longer.

Where do I wear the JOINT LINE®™?
For general protection, place the mobile JOINT LINE®™ inside your mobile phone near the back of the battery. The Larger Version of JOINT LINE®™ is for computer monitors, microwave ovens etc. position theJOINT LINE®™ on the monitor or appliance. You can wear it also in your pocket. Just make sure that you do not bend it.

I am pregnant. Is it OK to wear the JOINT LINE®™?
Not only is it ok but it is vital! Studies on fertilized chicken eggs have conclusively proven that the foetus is adversely affected by radiation. The JOINT LINE®™ will protect both you and your baby as well as provide you with more energy.

Can the JOINT LINE®™ affect electronic goods?
No. JOINT LINE®™ has no effect on anything electronic.

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