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The Joint Line®™ System has been awarded Bio-Product of the year 1993
and other prestige awards.

The Testing Methods of EMF Radiation Protection of Cell Phones, laptops and other devices

Verification of the effect
The verification of the effect of separate technologies JL has been fulfilled by several methods.

1. Method HEIS High frequency energy interference spectroscope - Zurich Switzerland , a laboratory diagnostic method using the high frequency interference spectroscopy to the energy analysis of a blood specimen. Two specimens of blood from the same patient are compared, the first one with the application of a stimulator, the second one without the stimulator of JL technologies.

2. Method BERS Biophotonen - Energie - Resonanz - Spectroscopie - measurements of personal and the special experimental stimulators were carried out in the laboratory of bioenergetic technologies of Dr. Henry Mikolas, a scale of 750 points after Hrabak.

3. Method EAV electro-akupuncture after Voll. An apparatus called EAV Bicom, a product of Brugemann GmbH Germany is used to prove the effect of the resonance technologies JL on the living organism. The apparatus uses the knowledge of acupuncture points and lines for the diagnosis and the treatment of disorders of an organism on the energic level. The quality of the separate organs keeps within the limits 0 - 100 grades of Voll. The optimal value is 50. At this value the single lines are equalized and the organism is in a balanced state.
The results of the measurements of the lines of patients with and without a stimulator were compared. In all cases the optimal state with the stimulator was reached. The individual need of each patient was met.

"The Joint Line®™ POINT system has the necessary expertise of qualified State Institutions and fulfils legal criteria for this kind of service and product.

"The Joint Line®™ POINT system complies with necessary standards in " Consistency - CCZ ". For foreign markets, they are summarized in accordance with Directive 89/686/EHS (European Economical Association) in "Conformity CE".

"In accordance with valid Act No. 588/1992 Coll. and in the version of later regulations i.e. Acts No. 196/1993 Col l., No. 321/1993 Coll., No. 42/1994 Coll., No. 136/1994 Coll., No. 258/1994 Coll. , the JOINT LINE system has been classified under "Standard Classification of Production ". In accordance with Act No. 278/1992 Coll .

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