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Dr Charlie Teo
Dr Charlie Teo a pre-eminent neurosurgeon is at the cutting edge literally of a 21 per cent increase in children's brain tumours. He's curious about the effect mobile phones and Electro Magnetic Radiation [EMR] may be having on these statistics, and has issued a warning to parents to be aware...
It's a belief backed up by Senator Lyn Allison, who spent a year listening to the scientists to find out what the risks are. She discovered there is very good reason to worry. The brain tumour is now the number one life-threatening disease for children above leukaemia This is consistent with studies in Europe and the UK.
Mobile phone radiation Latest news on mobile phones and health

Cell Phone Facts - Consumer Information on Wireless Phones (Information Provided By: FDA and FCC)...
Bioelectromagnetics - Harmful & Beneficial Health Effects
Your Best Source for News on EMFs

Powerwatch has been researching the links between electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and health risks for about 17 years, and is completely independent of government and industry.
The global focus for non-ionizing radiation protection...
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