Protect Yourself Against Cell Phone Radiation & Electromagnetic Fields

by Lizzie Scott

In today's lifestyle, you are exposed to man-made electromagnetic fields. The growing demands of ever-changing technologies and changes in social behavior have created more negative electromagnetic fields around you.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) above certain levels can trigger biological effects! Over the decades, electromagnetic field sources have become the focus of health concerns.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are everywhere such as:

In the workplace: computers, cell phones, fax machines, copy machines, fluorescent lights, printers, scanners, telephone (PBX) switching systems, electrical instruments, motors and other electrical devices.

At home: television sets, stereo systems, air conditioners, fluorescent lights, telephone answering machines, cell and portable phones, refrigerators, blenders, portable heaters, clothes washers and dryers, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, toasters, microwave ovens and others.

Reported Symptoms of exposure to high levels of electromagnetic fields include headaches, anxiety, depression, nausea, fatique and loss of libido! You cannot escape from it but you can protect your family and yourself from electromagnetic fields.

Here are some facts about EMF:

1. The EMF problem in growing - 35% of Americans rank electromagnetic field as the number one health concern. Damage is being inflicted today even if you are not aware of it.

2. Bombarded with man-made EMP - when your body is bombarded with man-made EMF (electromagnetic fields), its innate intelligence and energy can be weakened.This makes it more difficult for your body to protect itself from negative influences.

3. 100 million times more electromagnetif field (EMF) radiation than your grandparents - some scientists estimate that you are now daily exposed to 100 million times the EMF radiation of your grandparents.

4. Lower energy levels - your bodys energy is altered by the high frequencies of EMF. Man-made radiation magnifies your bodys "fight or flight" responses. It compounds your adrenal loads from other stressors and significantly reduces your ability to cope effectively.

5. Increased daily stress levels - EMF disrupts your natural energy levels and hence triggers your stress responses. Alternative and traditional doctors have reported that electromagnetic fields (EMF) is a co-factor in increasing your daily stress levels.

6. Imparied ability to heal - stress can impair your bodys natural ability to heal. EMF adds stress to your personal stress and fatigue, and also adds stress your already taxed system. EMF contributes to energy depletion and fatigue from cell phones, air travel and household appliances. Those are more than enough reasons to reduce the electromagnetic fields around you.

© 2006Lizzie Scott
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