Full Signal – EMF – and Beneath the Tower

by jointli on 10 November, 2012

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Full Signal – 52 minutes Documentary

As our obsession with mobile technology has grown, an army of antenna have cropped up: behind houses, hidden in church bell towers, even disguised as trees. This crafted documentary cracks open the debate surrounding the global health risk they pose.

Beneath the Shadow of the Tower

This video was created to be included as part of the Bonus material in the “Full Signal” Documentary DVD but later to save costs the film maker decided not to add the bonus section in the final release of the DVD.

Further Comments to this film:
As a further point, I made measurements of RF radiation emited by WiFi routers & cordless phones. The readings are frighteningly HIGH and much higher than levels created by mobile phone towers (over 100x).

Currently there are no regulations for levels created by this equipment.

I have disconnected all WiFI & removed all cordless phones in our home. The readings inside our home are now Zero.

For the skeptics, keep believing & bathing yourselves in the RF & hoping your immune system works.

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