Sticky: NEW Applle’s iPhone 5 IS HERE NOW

by jointli on 13 September, 2012

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New Applle’s iPhone 5 IS HERE NOW

Check this Apple’s official announcement:

From $199Pre-order online from 14 September. Or buy at your favourite Apple Retail Store starting at 8:00 am on 21 September.

The One thing nobody is talking about including   Apple iPhone 5 : EMF Radiation. It is everywhere, it is a silent killer, but manufacturers pretend that it doesn’t exists. Especially those cell phone manufacturers like Apple and its iPhone 5 where the EMF Radiation is stronger than ever. With stronger cell phones, iphones 4, iPhone 5, Androids, Blackberies, there is stronger EMF Radiation. The funny thing is that it can be easy a quickly eliminated.

Consider that a little forethought and prevention is actually much better for you than cure.
Cell phones emit radiation simply because they function as transmitters. Just like transmitters, they produce radiation, and the intensity of the radiation is in proportion to the cell phone’s frequency and how close it is held to your ear. To Block Cell Phone Radiation you will need to generate a buffer between the ear piece and your ear.

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December 12, 2012 at 4:32 pm

There is 3000 times more EMF than ten years ago. Many people know about the Danger od EMF, but nobody talks about protection. Visit

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