cell phone radiation help?

by jointli on 20 January, 2011

in cell phone radiation, cell phones and cancer

Is the radiation from cell phones strong enough to do damage to an individual? This is important to me because I own a cell phone and use it quite frequently. I would like to know if I am going to die in the near future, or if I will be at risk for cancers.

if you find the answer on another webpage and you cite it please!!


statistically no one has died from cell phone radiation.
Some have died from talking while driving.
Some have died from texting while driving too.


Yes, nobody died by jumping from the window. It was the sudden stop, which kill him.

Meaning, nobody has died from cell phone radiation. It was the cancer brain tumor, caused by radiation, which kill him. (it takes about 10 years to develop).  And a brain surgeon has the knowledge of it.  Check this to believe it WakeupCall
After the movie you might like to check this Cell Phones Safety 🙂




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