microwave oven radiation – why we need it

microwave oven radiation is much stronger than cell phone radiation. It also changes cell structure on molecular level. Therefore we need microwave oven radiation protection

Tweet Steve Jobs Cancer and Microwave Radiation Exposure As we all know Steve Jobs recently died from Cancer. What you may not be aware of that he had been exposed to EMF radiation from many devices. This video above will give you a little more inside about the dangers of EMF Radiation from microwave ovens,  […]


This is an excellent demonstration of EMF radiation. The manufacturers don’t want people to know about. EMF radiation damages also DNA. Profit before people. EMF is a silent killer and a time bomb. Just because people don’t feel it it doesn’t meat it is harmless.


Tweet New Study Shows Cell Phones Exceed FCC Exposure Limits by as Much as Double for Children A scholarly article on cell phone safety published online October 17, 2011, in the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine reports the finding that cell phones used in the shirt or pants pocket exceed FCC exposure guidelines and that […]


Tweet There are always so many articles written about this. Des the phone have to be against your head to pose a danger or are the microwave radiation all around the room when a phone is in use. Does the microwave radiation stay in the room after the phone has been used for any amount […]


Tweet Is there any material that can reflect microwave radiation such as from a microwave oven? Metals reflect microwaves very well. That is how radar works. Solid sheets, even mesh, if the holes are small enough. That is why there is a metal mesh in the door window. Because visible light has a much shorter […]