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cell phone radiation, creates changes on human body, which can lead to brain tumor and cancer

Tweet New Study Shows Cell Phones Exceed FCC Exposure Limits by as Much as Double for Children A scholarly article on cell phone safety published online October 17, 2011, in the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine reports the finding that cell phones used in the shirt or pants pocket exceed FCC exposure guidelines and that […]


Tweet ROMAINE YOUDALE Came Early to Cell Phones. ‘despite her failing health (and 3 operations by Brain Surgeon Dr. Charlie Teo) she decided that she had to warn others about the dangers of cell phone use’ She worked in television in the 1990s and was talking into cell phone for at least two hours a […]


Tweet Professor Olle Johansson talks about electrosmog. Scientific references from the video: WAKE UP CALL 1 Duration : 0:7:16 Technorati Tags: cell phone, Cell Phone Radiation, Cell phone towers, ehs, Electromagnetic radiation, electrosmog, EMR, microwaves, mobile mast, mobile phone, Olle Johansson, radiation, teleindustry


Tweet – free download of brainwave model Mobile Phones Radiation – what are the real health risks and facts? Is it safe or not? That is the question. Professor Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden has researched for 30 years in the electromagnetic radiation field (EMR/EMF). Download the videolist and his CV […]


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