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All About Joint Line Technology System

20 years Magic with Jiri Lang

Where are the times when 20 years ago we used to go with our friends to visit Jiri Lang’s old mill at Hýskov to heal ourselves. At times it looked there like at Lourdes. Jiri’s treatment was great, but it wasn’t enough for him. He invented JL Technology System, setup a business and began to offer various services. For us, at that time it was mainly the activation of our magazines by JL Technology System.

What‘s the secret?

“How is it possible that your magazine tingles and is warm?” asked our readers, when we started in 1991 to activate the cover of magazines. The editor was Ilona Manolevská. It was not any Magic. Just a little bit of physics. Envelopes were activated by JL Technology System. The JL Technology System not only does “tingles” and “warms” as well as harmonizes organisms. JL Technology System can do much more. It improves product quality, increases sales of magazines, increases an attendance of the activated area, like concerts. Over twenty years of increased turnover to many companies at home and abroad.

 Activated Magazine Reflex and other curiosities

Great success due to the activation JL Technology System scored and renowned magazine Reflex. The magazine within one and half year after the activation by JL Technology System increased the sale from of 100,000 copies to 280,000 copies. After activation of Magazine Reflex ended, within two months the magazine sales fell to the original amount. Articles in the reflexes were still great; however, for reader’s “added” value was missing from the times when it was activated through JL Technology System. But not only reflex used our services. JL Technology System activates other products like, lecture halls, websites, festivals, business cards, logos, reverse gravity chairs, racing teams etc. We can only name some. Most of our clients wishing to use anonymous activation and we of course respect it. Who would like to tell to their competitors about unfair advantage in the business?

Only once successful product activation was “successful” in a way nobody expected. We have activated by JL Technology System flour for our client. After the activation, this flour became an ideal breeding ground for flour beetles. The flour had so much energy that the flour beetles invaded it with lightning speed. This wasn’t very good news for the producer as he was unable to meet the statutory warranty period. Contract had to be cancelled after this “success”.

 How does all this work?

JL Technology System works on the principle of quantum physics and nano-quantum technology when the primary and secondary resonator signal is spread on both sides with information resonation in time. The primary output resonators are activated by quantum generator. The secondary resonators act as  antennas – form agents. It creates in its surroundings measurable physical changes. (Transmission range using this technology is unlimited and at the quantum level without losses.)

Microclimate system technologies locally balances the global biosphere damage around the receivers, helping the person who wears it, revitalize the body (lower electrical resistance in the tissues is helping to speed up metabolism in the cells!). Reduces fatigue, increases productivity, reduces the effect of smog and other lifestyle burdens of organisms. By eliminating problems of civilization, JL Technology System has a beneficial effect on the psyche and health. Signals are transmitted to the receivers in real-time nonstop – and this is a huge advantage over all other similar technologies. Other technologies use their stimulators as the shape resonators and resonant records. To put it simply, wherever it operates, the JL Technology System creates a very favorable microclimate. It helps people who populate it, eliminate the adverse effects of civilization.

 JL Technology System helps not only to Magazine Medunka Cover

Jiri Lang says: “You can use JL Technology System not only as an owner of the company. Our clients like “Nanožky”(activated socks), which stimulate feet of our promoters. In First-Aid kits they have activated patches, which reduce healing time by up to half the usual time.

We have welcomed a positive feedback, so we decided to expand the range. We offer again popular activated sprites “Hajánka” to calm children’s to sleep and enhance their health. Also the third generation of activated moon cream, which restores a sense of vitality and freshness. We have a new look and cool design for EMF protectors against the effects of electro-magnetic radiation from cell phones and computers. There are more products in the pipeline for all who have problems with headaches, cervical spine or painful hands.”                                                          From the original Article Medunka June 2012

Jiri Lang and Joint Line System

All About Joint Line Technology System