EMF Radiation Protection - Do you
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the Cell Phones?

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Dr.Charlie Teo "explosion" in Brain tumours and the truth about the wireless...Pt 1
Dr.Charlie Teo "explosion" in Brain tumours and the truth about the wireless... Pt 2

Having a mobile phone - iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad or another tablet in your pocket or even near you can seriously affect, your energy systems AS WELL AS YOUR BRAIN.

Mobile Phones and Brain Cancer
Mobile Phones and Brain Cancer -
Dr. Charlie Teo Speaks out

There is a strong EMF Radiation coming from X-Box, Play Station, Wi-Fi used by majority of young people and children.

This is what happens when you use your phone

See How Mobile Phone Affects Your Blood

Many People and Authorities Are Talking about the Danger of EMF Radiation,

but Nobody is Talking about How to Protect Ourselves From this EMF Radiation Danger.

Did you know,
You can block this dangerous EMF Radiation from your body very easily and quickly by applying the Joint Line System?

Yes, You Can Very Easily block EMF Radiation From Your Mobile Phone

"Before I had Joint Line attached to my cell phone, I would sometimes feel weak or ill after being on the phone for a long time. Hence, I'd always try to cut my cell phone calls short. But, after applying Joint Line to my cell phone, I don't get that enervated ill feeling anymore. There's definitely a difference with Joint Line!"
Mike Jezek
"Psychology-Powered Copywriting"
Some of Your Benefits:
• Blocks the EMF Radiation to Human Body
• Helps to Balance Your Energy to Optimum
• Helps to Increase Metabolic Efficiency
• Helps to Stimulate Your Body's Own Healing Process
• Helps to Relieve Stress and Reduce Headaches
• Accelerates Blood Circulation
• It has a Protection Radius around 25cm
• Helps to Reduce a Possibility of Brain Tumour

Byron the X-box Player and Joint Line System

John - CG Professional and Animator

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Working in an office full of computers can leave you feeling drained at the end of the day even though you spent most of the day sitting down or on your feet. The Tablets, iPads, Laptops, Microwaves Wi-Fi and other gadgets can also affect you in an adverse way.
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